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Plant Based Basics Online Course


We Are Delighted To Launch Our First Online Course, Plant Based Basics

Plant Based Basics is a comprehensive overview & practical guide to increasing your fruit and vegetable intake. The course is structured to educate everyone from omnivores looking to add more plants to their diet, all the way to those looking to transition to a 100% plant based diet. This lifestyle is rapidly gaining popularity and it is difficult to sort through the mass of conflicting information on how to cover all nutritional bases. We have condensed a decade of knowledge and experience into this course to save you the time and hassle

Knowledge is the key component in any successful lifestyle shift. When learning the benefits of a plant based lifestyle, people commonly jump in enthusiastically, only for motivation to fade & eventually reverting back to old, familiar habits in the long-term. Plant Based Basics will give you both the theory and strategies to transition successfully & achieve life-long health.

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