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September 27, 2017
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Using the Resource Guide

Plant Based Resource Guide
Your mind is like tofu. It tastes like whatever you marinate it in

Sylvia Boorstein

Creation of The Resource Guide

The resource guide is a result of many years of information gathering which has gradually been distilled down to the documentaries, books, and links you will find contained within it. While amongst the plant-based community there are conflicts and divergent viewpoints, all materials share a common message*: a plant-based diet is the optimal human diet for long-term health and vitality. Yes, there will be minor contradictions between each source (such as on the consumption of oil ) but again, each carries the same underlying theme on a plant-based diet. The blog will be used to focus as these contradictions or discrepancies.

The various forms of media within the resource guide can be consumed in any order. The reason for including the different medium was to enable you to fit this information into your existing consumption behaviours; If you watch movies/documentaries every night, watch one of our recommended ones next time. If you are an avid reader, add a plant-based title to your collection. Those who read articles/browse news on their morning commute or lunch can follow the useful links. You will encounter repetition on some points. This will simply serve to reinforce the message in your mind.

Information and Changing your Behaviour

How one eats and ones dietary habits are simply behaviours. While the need to eat is inborn and cannot be altered (eating is a necessity, like breathing - if you attempted to stop, your body will simply override your effort to do so) Your dietary choices, opinions and thoughts are all created by the environment you live in - I.e. the information you are exposed to and your experience. Your behaviour in turn is a result of previous information exposure and experience.

If you wish to alter or change your behaviour, you must alter the environment around you. The internet & mobile information technology allow us to control what information we are exposed to. Broadcasting is dead, narrowcasting is our current reality. We should count ourselves lucky, as we are the first generation in history that control our own cognitive map. The more information sources you consume on plant-based eating, the stronger your shift will be to these dietary behaviours. You may have cravings or emotional attachments which make certain foods / habits harder to change than others. Information will eventually over ride this, as information leads to understanding. To understand something is to be liberated from it.

*"Food Matters" and "Food Matters 2" convey the importance of moving to more natural food sources and away from processed foods. While they briefly reference the consumption of animal products (which of course should be ignored) the documentaries are a good starting point for individuals looking to make healthier choices. The documentaries also strongly promote the message of the body's ability to heal itself, hence their inclusion.