Meat Alternatives Market to Surpass $21 Billion in 5 Years

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Meat Alternatives Market to Surpass $21 Billion in 5 Years

Meat Alternatives Ireland
Global plant based meat market expected to generate around USD 21.23 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of around 8.6% between 2019 and 2025

Zion Market Research

The prediction was made by Zion Market Research, which defines meat alternatives as "anything that mimics traditional meat but is made entirely using plant ingredients". Interestingly, the report cites environmental factors as the main growth driver in the market, vs a switch from traditional animal products for health reasons. In Ireland, meat alternatives are considered a "real threat" to beef farmers. A 2019 DIT study found that urban consumers were more concerned with the impact of animal agriculture vs rural dwellers, and urban participants showed a higher interest in meat alternatives.

In the survey, 62% of urban consumers were interested in lab-grown or "cultured" meat. 47% of urban consumers were concerned about the environment & the effect of animal agriculture. The same number considered lab or cultured meat a more ethical dinner choice, while only 33% of rural consumers agreed with this sentiment. Only 46% of rural consumers were willing to try non-traditional meat, and just 36% were concerned with the environmental impact of current animal agriculture.

Meat Alternatives Ireland

The World's leading plant based or alternative, Beyond Meat, arrived on Irish shores in 2019 and can now be found in supermarkets, fast food outlets and more. The US company uses a combination of pea, bean and rice protein to recreate a meaty texture in its products. Several Irish companies have entered the market, from startups to giants of the meat industry:

Glas Foods The former Eden Foods was started in Ireland in 2017 and rebranded as Glas Foods in 2020. Supplying 4 varieties of burgers, alongside sausages and falafel bites, Glas foods are made 100% in Ireland, steamed rather than fried in production and all ingredients are sustainably sourced..

Denny Meat Free Sausages Possibly Ireland's most recognizable traditional sausage manufacturer, Denny's released a meat-free sausage in 2020, 200 years after its formation. The product was originally created by Kerry Group and raised eyebrows after its launch this year. The decision was made to offer a sustainable alternative to traditional sausages under the Denny brand.

Green Isle Frozen Foods Another well known Irish food manufacturer, Green Isle Foods, released its vegan sausage rolls in 2019. The company, based in Naas, saw the trend internationally with companies such as Gregg's in the UK experiencing runaway success with their Vegan sausage rolls the year prior.

Key Take-Away

As always at Plant Based Ireland, we aim to provide the best health information to our visitors where possible. While meat alternatives are a step in the right direction environmentally and an accessible way for the average consumer to test meat-free alternatives, many are heavily processed and therefore must not be considered a health food. Fast food outlets such as Burger King, McDonald's, Pizza Hut. KFC and more are all embracing the meat-free trend and releasing "vegan" versions of their popular products. These are unfortunately embraced by the public as plant based, health-promoting alternatives served by a fast-food restaurant.

Fresh fruits & vegetables are always the gold standard for nutrient-rich plant foods. All consumers should be aware of the distinction between plant based and vegan. Always aim to include as many portions as possible into your diet to maximize nutrient intake. The Daily Dozen dietary framework is a comprehensive plant based system to ensure adequate nutrient intake for those who follow it. Learn more about the Daily Dozen or get a free copy of the audiobook, "How Not To Die", by following the link below.