Kerry Group Launches Plant Based Meat Alternative

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April 21, 2020
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April 23, 2020
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Kerry Group Launches Plant Based Meat Alternative

Naked Glory Plant Based Alternative

The Meat Giant Has Expanded Its Range Of Plant Based Products

Kerry Group, an Irish Industry giant & one of the largest food ingredient suppliers in the world, has expanded its Naked Glory range of plant based meat alternatives. The company which is behind some of the best know animal food brands such as Dennys, Low Low, Charleville, Derry Gold, and Galtee is moving to capitalize on increased consumer demand for meat free alternatives. In the Uk in 2019, 150 million plant-based meals being consumed by non-vegans.

Naked Glory, which launched in September, provides sausages, burgers, meatballs and mince, has now added deli bites to its range. The meat-free product was launched in the UK and has limited availability in Ireland currently. It follows a long line of big producers entering the market, which is set to be worth over $21 Billion worldwide by 2025.

Variety And Convenience is Key To Success

The idea of going plant based or even meat-free on certain days of the week is growing in Ireland. A new study from Trinity College Dublin further highlighted the need for Ireland to reduce the level of meat in their diet, finding the existing eating habits unsustainable and too high in animal protein. One of the country's largest grocery retailers SuperValu offers customers a wide range of meat-free recipes on their website for meat-free Monday and is getting behind the plant based movement.

Alison Lees, Marketing Manager, Naked Glory, said: “We know that lunchtime can be poorly catered for in terms of reliable meat-free options, and there’s only so many times the classic cheese sandwich can be on the menu before it starts to get boring! Providing variety and convenience is key for retailers, so we’re really excited to see our brand-new Deli Readybites hitting shelves up and down the country this month, helping to liven up the nation’s lunchtime. They don’t require any cooking at all, so are perfect for dishing up quick and convenient lunches and snacks – whether that’s on their own, tossed through a salad or used to recreate a classic coronation ‘chicken’ for jackets and sarnies. The only thing that might take some time is deciding which one of our three mouth-watering flavours to try first!”

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