China Moves Away From Meat After Covid-19

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China Moves Away From Meat After Covid-19

Starbucks Beyond Meat China

Plant Based Options On The Menu In China

As restaurants reopen, consumers are looking to lead healthier lifestyles and move away from meat consumption. The coronavirus is now widely attributed to have been caused by animal meat trade practices in China. This has prompted the Chinese government to take steps such as banning the consumption of dog meat, amongst others, to prevent or minimize any future pandemic risks.

Beyond Meat is just one of the companies profiting from the instant shift in the nation's diets. They are now offering plant-based meat options in 3,300 Chinese Starbucks outlets. The company "see Asia as a key region for strategic long-term growth and Beyond Meat's goal is to have localized production within Asia by the end of 2020."

Meat Shortages Also Fueling Shift To Plants

Alongside Covid-19, other factors are also driving consumer's move away from meat. According to the BBC, China is also dealing with a meat shortage, particularly pork supplies after African swine fever wiped out half of its hog herd in 2018. It has been struggling to import pork due to virus restrictions on factories across the world.

"The demand for healthier, non-meat proteins is not as high in China as in the US because Chinese already eat more vegetables as part of their daily diet than Americans and Europeans. It's relatively rare for Chinese to say they are vegetarians," said Shaun Rein at the China Market Research Group.

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