Coca Cola & Carlsberg Switching To Plant Based Bottles

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May 19, 2020
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Coca Cola & Carlsberg Switching To Plant Based Bottles

Coke, Carlsberg And L'Oréal Have All Committed To The "Paper Bottle Project"

The project has been put together by a number of organizations: Dutch renewable chemicals company Avantium, paper packaging developer BillerudKorsnäs, and bottle manufacturers ALPLA. The packaging is made from plant-derived sugars and is much more sustainable than plastic created from fossil fuels.

“This plastic has very attractive sustainability credentials because it uses no fossil fuels, and can be recycled – but would also degrade in nature much faster than normal plastics do,” said Advantium’s chief executive Tom Van Aken. The bottles would degrade in 1 year inside a composter, and will also biodegrade in nature.

Solving Food Waste With Plant Based Plastic

The plant based bottle will be cardboard, as seen above, lined with the plastic known as PEF. The company expects to begin producing 5,000 tonnes each year and ramp this up exponentially as demand increases as expected in the renewable plastics industry.

In the future Avantium plans to source plant sugars from biowaste to ensure that its plant plastic will not affect global food supply, but would in fact reduce the growing problem of food waste.