European Union Promotes Shift To Plant Based Diet

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May 20, 2020
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May 22, 2020
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European Union Promotes Shift To Plant Based Diet

Plant Based Vegan Diet

"Farm To Fork Strategy" Highlights The Need For A Sustainable Food System

The EU published its new Farm To Fork & Biodiversity strategies yesterday, which explicitly stated the need for member countries to shift to a "More plant-based diet" for both environmental and health reasons, with reducing obesity cited as the main concern.

The strategies also highlighted the need for an EU wide standard for "front of packaging" labeling on food items. The Commission hopes that this will, "provide further help to consumers to choose lower sugar/calorie options if they wish while continuing to provide producers with the opportunity to reformulate and offer consumer choice."

Cutting Pesticide Reduction by Half

With the current pandemic highlighting the issues with the existing food supply chain, the EU hopes that the strategy will strengthen the system to cope with any future unforeseen events. "The coronavirus crisis has underlined the importance of a robust and resilient food system that functions in all circumstances."

As part of this, the strategy details ambitious targets on pesticide reduction, organic farming, and soil nutrient protection. Goals include a 50% reduction in chemical & hazardous pesticides by 2030, 25% of agricultural land to be organic by 2030, and "a reduction of nutrient losses by at least 50% while ensuring that there is no deterioration in soil fertility".

The soil nutrient goal is particularly key in the nutritional quality of fruits & vegetables. If it is not in the soil, it is not in the food. If it is not in the food, it's not in you.