Mens Health Magazine Says Meat Is Not “Man Food”

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Mens Health Magazine Says Meat Is Not “Man Food”

Mens Health Joe Wicks

Men's Health Magazine Talks Plant Based Eating And The Concept Of Man Food

The world's largest men's health magazine made the statement in its July 2020 issue of the magazine, in an article entitled "We Need to Get Over the Idea of "Man Food". The article predominantly features James "Lightning" Wilks, the star of & producer of the now widely popular "The Game Changers" documentary, which focuses on the performance benefits to elite athletes of plant-based eating.

With Wilks quoted throughout, the article examines the idea of man food and how certain dietary habits, such as the focus on protein, are societally branded as "male". The author discusses the association of healthy or plant based eating of vegetables, salads, quinoa and muesli to "female" behaviours and the association of the dietary opposite - steak, burgers, coke, fast food, beer, etc. to males and the very concept of "man food".

A Changed Man

Wilks was not always an advocate of plant based eating. In the article, he tells of an incident involving himself & a bodybuilder friend accidentally stumbling into a plant based restaurant in California," I walked into a restaurant with him – he’s 6ft 5in and 120kg, by the way – and we asked why ‘chick’n’ was spelled funnily on the menu. They explained that it wasn’t actually chicken: it was a substitute made from plants. We said, ‘What meat dishes do you have?’” But there weren’t any. “We looked at each other, stood up, and walked out,” says Wilks, laughing. “I literally couldn’t conceive of eating a meal that didn’t contain some sort of animal product. I really thought, not just as an athlete, but as a man, that you had to have animal protein at every meal.

“I thought that animals were where protein came from,” he says. “I didn’t realise that they were just the middlemen and protein originated in plants. I didn’t realise they were doing us a disservice.”