Find A Plant Based Job With Vegan Jobs Ireland

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Find A Plant Based Job With Vegan Jobs Ireland

Plant Based Vegan Jobs Ireland

The Irish Company Connects Employers & Job Seekers In The Plant Based World

Vegan Jobs Ireland, a free online recruitment service for companies & staff operating in the plant-based & vegan market in Ireland, is seeing steady growth in both the number of skilled staff uploading their CV's and business seeking these individuals. "Vegan Jobs Ireland helps employers find skilled staff who are likely to be passionate & align with the ethos of the company," Wagner Carvalho, the founder, told Plant Based Ireland. He started the site 2 years ago after struggling to find available jobs in the space."I found 2 websites related to vegan jobs, one from the UK and another from the States, so that's how I came up with the Vegan Jobs Ireland."

In his unique position, he has gained insight into the various reasons why people are seeking jobs that align with their values"For sure it's growing, I can see by the number of users on social media and the pageviews. Every day the page receives CVs from job seekers. I've noticed that people want to be involved with the cause, not only veganism, but the environment, and they want to help, and it's not only about working in the restaurant as a Chef or a Coffee shop as a Barista, but there also are many other options around, and they want to be connected with that, even if that means not be working with their primary jobs. "

The Future Of The Irish Market

While the market brings it challenges, Carvalho has a positive outlook on the future with more and more companies embracing the plant-based and vegan movements, "It's going well in my point of view, I'm not saying it's easy, because I know the demand is still small, the tax is high, etc, but I can see a supportive movement that wants to see this market grow.

The fact that every day we see new products in the market, from existing companies, or new ones, from 100% vegan to nonvegan companies, but definitely more and more, and that's the beginning of the future, which I believe will be vegan."

"[In the future] I want people to see the Vegan Jobs Ireland not only as a searching jobs website, but a news website, with articles, interviews, talk about the Irish market, tips to get a job, etc, I want the website to be supportive to the cause, helping to raise money for sanctuaries or people who need support to take care of animals in general.

Vegan Jobs Ireland is now offering space on the website to the companies that want to advertise their business in a targeted audience. The profits of the website will help me to cover the costs as the monthly server and annual domain costs, mailing list server costs, printing flyers, outreach and events, other operational expenses, and the support of the development team who is continuously working on improving site functionality."