Flahavan’s Launches Irish Oat Milk

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August 20, 2020
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Flahavan’s Launches Irish Oat Milk

Flahavan's Oat Milk

Ireland's Leading Oat Producer Launches 3 Styles Of Oat Milk

Irish Oat Producer Flahavan's will be releasing 3 new Oat Milks or "Drinks" as it looks to expand its product range. The new offerings will come in 3 types, Organic Oat, Barista Style Oat Milk, and a Vitamin Rich version, which is fortified with Calcium, Vitamin B12; Vitamin D and Riboflavin.

Flahavan's are looking to capitalise on the increasing demand for dairy free milk alternatives, and Irish consumers will now have an indingenous option over the likes of Oatly or Minor Figures, both international Oat Milk brands. Despite the Irish routes in dairy farming, consumers are shifting from traditional dairy to plant based alternatives. The global market for dairy alternatives is predicted to grow 15% each year from 2020-2025 with an estimated value of nearly $40 billion by 2025.

2 Centuries Of Oat Experience In A Drink

The companies venture into the Oat "drink" market is good news for irish oat producers and consumers, as it provides a locally produced alternative to Oatly, and could potentionally boost the bootom line profits for farmers. The decision to brand the products as an oat drink rather than an oat milk is unclear at this point, although it possibly may be to avoid contraversy with the Irish dairy producing farmers.

The Flahavan's website released this statement on the new offerings, "We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new range of vegan-friendly, no-added-sugar oat drinks for all of you oat-lovers looking for plant-based products for either lifestyle or dietary reasons."

"As Ireland’s oat experts, with over 200 years of oat-milling expertise, Flahavan’s is all about bringing wholesome healthy products to your breakfast table every day and we are excited to give consumers of plant-based beverages more choice. All of our oat drinks are made with the highest quality Irish oats, which gives them a unique and subtle oaty flavour we’re sure you’ll love.