Ireland Is Ranked 10th Worldwide In List Of Countries Where Veganism Is Most Popular

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Ireland Is Ranked 10th Worldwide In List Of Countries Where Veganism Is Most Popular

Ireland Vegan

The List Was Compiled Based On Google Search Trends For Vegan & Plant Based Key Words

Ireland has ranked 10th in the world for countries where veganism interest is highest. The data, compiled by Chef's Pencil analyzed Google trends over the past 10 years in searches for vegan and plant based recipes. The study found that in Ireland in particular "plant-based cuisine is enjoying an even bigger popularity (than veganism)." If you wish to understand the difference between plant based and vegan food, you can find the information here.

This makes for interesting reading as in 2018, only 2 years ago, Bord Bia published figures which stated only 2% of the Irish population declared themselves to be "vegan" while 8% were classed as vegetarian. The new trends from Chefs Pencil signal the rise in "flexitarianism", where individuals are decreasing meat and dairy consumption in some meals or designated days of the week.

The UK Comes Out On Top

Unsurprisingly, the UK came out on top, followed by other international plant-based and vegan hotspots such as Australia, Israel, Germany, and Sweden. The US did not make the list, despite high levels of interest in major cities such as New York, Portland, and Los Angeles. These areas are only a small fraction of the overall population, who continues to follow the standard western diet:

1. United Kingdom (Popularity Score: 100)
2. Australia (Popularity Score: 87)
3. Israel (Popularity Score: 84)
4. Austria (Popularity Score: 82)
5. New Zealand (Popularity Score: 81)
6. Germany (Popularity Score: 77)
7. Sweden (Popularity Score: 68)
8. Switzerland (Popularity Score: 65)
9. Canada (Popularity Score: 64)
10. Ireland (Popularity Score: 63)