Domino’s Pizza Launches Vegan Range In Ireland

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Domino’s Pizza Launches Vegan Range In Ireland

Dominos Vegan Ireland

The Options Are Officially Available In Domino's Accross Ireland

Domino's Pizza has launched a range of vegan products across its Uk & Ireland stores. Having successfully trialed two pizzas, the "Vegan Margherita" and the "Vegan Vegi Supreme" in Dublin, Cork & Belfast, the company has rolled out the options along with complementary products in all stores nationwide.

The newly launched range includes the following products: the Vegan Margherita, the Vegan Vegi Supreme, Potato Wedges, the Vegan Friendly Garlic & Herb Dip, the BBQ Dip, Frank's Hot Sauce, the Sweet Chilli dip, and the Tangy Salsa dip. Melanie Howe of Domino's Pizza UK & Ireland had the following to say on the launch:

"Our pizza chefs have been tucked away in test kitchens perfecting the recipe to ensure our vegan-friendly range recreates the unique magic of Domino's famous original dough. Of course, nothing says Domino’s like our Garlic & Herb dip, so we're proud to have perfected a worthy equivalent of the legendary pot so our vegan fans can also dunk or drizzle to their hearts’ content."

Vegan Pizza Does Not Mean Healthy Pizza

As always, we at Plant Based Ireland are keen to remind readers that just because a food item is labeled suitable for vegans, does not automatically make it healthy and nutritious. The surge in the availability of vegan meat, cheese, and dairy alternatives alongside the plant based lifestyle has lead many consumers to incorrectly view both veganism and plant based food items as the same. The industry of course is keen to capitalize on this, marketing vegan products as plant based in the hope that consumers will view them as healthy and nutritious.

Pizza, even vegan pizza, is still fast food and should be eaten sparingly in moderation. The benefits of a plant based diet are found not in the absence of animal products, but in the consumption of larger quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables. Education is the best tool to arm yourself with practical knowledge on health and nutrition. If you wish to learn more about the difference between vegan and plant based, please read our previous post here.