About Plant-Based Ireland

Real Men Eat Plants

Hi, I'm Greg. Thanks for visiting Plantbased.ie, Ireland's leading online resource for all things Plant-Based. I hope the content inspires you to incorporate more plant-based food in your diet and ultimately enable you to achieve the best health your genetics will allow.

This site is not intended to be another dreaded "health and wellness" website. Instead, we directly seek to avoid these non-specific, generic, wholesome terms and present only the credible scientific research on why a diet based on plants (fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds and legumes) is the optimal human diet.

I have been eating this way since 2011. Since initially exploring the diet to cure some chronic health problems, I have experimented with multiple versions of the plant-based diet, from high-carb cooked to gourmet raw and fruitarianism. I have also trained as a raw-foods chef and completed a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. I hope to do my best in imparting this knowledge onto you.