7 Reasons why it’s easy to be plant based in 2022

If you’re starting your plant-based journey, there’s never been a better time! Thanks to a growing community, there are more people, more information, and more availability than ever before! Just ten years ago, none of this existed. Here are our top 7 reasons why it's easy to be plant-based in 2022:


1) Labelling

Although it's a LONG way from perfect, more and more products are promoting themselves as 'vegan friendly. There is much more to do until we have a comprehensive labeling policy for all packaged foods. But it is getting easier to walk into a shop and pick something up off the shelf without having to scan the ingredients for animal products.


2) Information

As the plant-based community grows, so does the information available about how to live your best plant-based life. Together with many other news and information sites, Plant-Based Ireland now keeps you up to date. You can get the latest news, research, and information on plant-based nutrition, health, and the environment at your fingertips.


3) Social media

Social media may have a lot of drawbacks, but it’s also a powerful tool for change. This is especially true for the plant-based community. Even if you don’t personally know many people living a plant-based lifestyle in person, it’s easy to connect online.
Being able to connect allows us to share:
- Recipes
- Community
- Information
- Advice


4) Eating out

Most eateries now cater to a vegan crowd. While there may not be many choices, there's usually at least one choice on any menu that is wholly plant-based. As the community is growing, expect this trend to grow too! You can help support the plant-based community by choosing to visit vegan cafes, restaurants, and food stalls.


5) Vegan junk food

This has been a game-changer, and it's just growing exponentially. Their first taste of 'plant-based' food has been some vegan junk for many people. And, while all junk food is still junk food, it sure does make being plant-based a lot easier when you can readily get plant-based burgers, nuggets, and sausages when you feel like a treat.


6) Availability

Even the basics of plant-based eating have become vastly more available over the last ten years. With the rise in both veganism and greater awareness about healthy eating, you can get the building blocks on plant-based nutrition just about anywhere now. Essential ingredients like tofu, tinned beans and lentils, quinoa, and wild rice were only available in health food shops or had a minimal supply in major supermarkets only a few years ago. Now you walk into just about any supermarket and find the ingredients needed to make a well-balanced plant-based meal.


7) Cost

The cost of everything is going up these days; eating a whole food plant-based diet is – contrary to widely held belief – an affordable and delicious way of eating. If you focus on a diet of whole fresh foods, you’re still able to eat relatively cheaply and nutritiously.


What do you think? Have we missed anything? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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