A Guide to CBD Oil for Plant Based Eaters & Vegans in Ireland

This article will guide any person following a plant based or vegan diet through the CBD market place. We will look at the ingredients of CBD oils and other CBD products so that you can be sure no animal derivatives are present in the CBD option you choose. We will also look at the nutrient benefits of this cannabis derived product for a vegan’s body and mind.


What is CBD or Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol, or CBD in short, is one of over 100 different chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant family. These chemical compounds are also referred to as cannabinoids, one of which is CBD. CBD has fast become the most popular cannabis compound in recent years thanks to its potential anti-inflammatory properties and calming effect on the mind.


However, its relation to another well-known cannabinoid, Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a bone of contention for the CBD industry as confusion regarding the safety and laws surround cannabinoids continues. Here we can explain the difference between the two. CBD is a safe, non-toxic cannabinoid found primarily in the hemp plant, a relative of cannabis. It has psychoactive properties, as all cannabinoids do but these are very low and cannot cause any sort of ‘high’ to the user.


THC on the other hand is known by women and men around the world for its ability to cause a toxic effect to the person using it or that so called ‘high’. In large amounts it is highly psychoactive. This cannabinoid is found in hemp but only in small amounts. It primarily occurs in the marijuana plant and so this plant is never used to produce CBD products. Naturally, CBD products are made using the hemp plant only as CBD occurs in high amounts within the stems, leaves and buds.


What is Veganism?

Veganism is not just a diet but a way of life for many women and men in this year 2021. The main definition of a person following a vegan lifestyle involves their intake of a plant-based diet and the avoidance of any foods which are either in part or wholly taken from animals. Foods which are eliminated from diets or avoided for those turning to veganism include meat, fish, dairy products, eggs and even honey among others.


In terms of lifestyle veganism also involves excluding the exploitation of animals in any form whether it be for food production, in the fashion industry or for beauty products. Vegan symbols now appear on beauty product for example to let the customer know that no animal was harmed or used for product testing in the production of the item. Vegan symbols on food items and sections in supermarkets are slowly helping those living as a vegan gain more access to certified vegan products and make their choices easier when shopping.


Can Plant Eaters / Vegans Use CBD Oils as Food Supplements in their Diet?

Vegans can certainly use CBD oils as food supplement in their diet. CBD oils are the main CBD product that people following a vegan diet can choose to add to their food diet. This product is completely plant based using hemp seed oil generally as a carrier oil for the extracted CBD content. See Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD oil as a good example.


As explained above CBD as a compound is a naturally occurring chemical found in the hemp plant and so contains no animal derivatives. The CBD content must be housed in an oil which is then used by the customer to drop the CBD under the tongue and help the product undergo absorption into the blood stream of the body. Another carrier oil option often used by CBD brands is MCT oil which is also a vegan product as it is made from coconuts.


However, those following a vegan lifestyle should be mindful and wary when purchasing CBD products as not all of them are suitable for plant-based needs. Keep reading on to read about the benefits of CBD oil supplements for a vegan diet and the products to look out for when shopping in the CBD market.


How can CBD Oil Benefit a Food Diet?

Many people do not realise that CBD oil is full of nutrients just like any other vitamin or mineral food supplement. They may hear about the potential beneficial properties of CBD like its potential for aiding sleep, anxiety, stress and more but not realise the nutrients present in the oil itself and the CBD compound.


CBD oil contains Omega 3 which is an essential fatty acid that is not made within the human body. Omega 3 fatty acids must be added to a person’s diet to gain the benefits as we do not produce them naturally ourselves. These acids have a role in different bodily functions to do with the brain, the heart and body inflammation too. They can be found in foods like meat, fish and dairy but for vegans these are not viable options.


Instead, vegans can gain their fatty acid intake from kale, walnuts spinach, chia seeds and even hemp plant derivatives like CBD oils. Minerals and vitamins found in CBD oils also include amino acids, iron, niacin, thiamine and complex B vitamins among others.



Are All CBD Products Suitable For Plant Based Eaters or Vegans?


  • CBD Gummies – this product is most likely not suitable for vegans as gelatine is a common ingredient and is derives from animal parts. Vegans should be wary when looking at CBD Gummies as a CBD supplement option as it is cheaper for suppliers to purchase gelatine-based gummies rather than a vegan alternative. That said there are some brands out there now offering vegan jellies infused with CBD just make sure to look for a vegan symbol or ask the question first.


  • CBD Capsules – this product is like the former as capsules are often made using gelatine to house the CBD content. Although you may think this option is just like a regular vitamin capsule housing some CBD it is more like a solid supplement with CBD blended into the gelatine supplement. Again, always ask the question if you are considering purchasing but best to stick with the oil if the seller seems unsure or has no proof that the product is vegan.


  • CBD Paste – this product is just like CBD oil but with a thicker consistency. It is suitable for those looking for high CBD potency in their supplement and can be taken under the tongue just like CBD oils. However, pastes can contain animal derived products such as beeswax to keep the consistency correct for the consumer. The addition of shea butter and beeswax in some helps the paste stay liquidated and easy to drop from the provided syringe.


  • CBD Cream – again you should always double check with a given CBD brand, but CBD cream is almost always vegan friendly. Ingredients can vary from one company to another, but most include elements like arnica, devil’s claw, menthol, cannabidiol and camphor. Other additives can include wintergreen oil and L-glutamine.


Final Note

It is clear from the information laid out in this article that the worlds of Plant Based & veganism and CBD can work together to benefit from the power of plants like hemp. All vegans can consider the use of CBD oils as safe and in line with their plant-based diet needs but must be careful with other CBD products on the market. Do some research on a brand and don’t be afraid to ask questions before you go ahead and choose a CBD supplement to add to your diet.

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