Be Part Of The Sustainable Revolution!

Have you heard of The Earthy Marketplace yet?

It aims to be the first of its kind All-Ireland Resource Hub for Conscious Consumerism.

The Earthy Marketplace is a unique concept with a broad and ambitious scope to help promote conscious businesses Ireland wide. They aim to support the ethical, Earth-friendly alternatives that conscious brands can provide to people.

‘At The Earthy Marketplace, we're all about promoting a more conscious lifestyle and all that that encompasses, therefore, additionally, we decided to pay it forward and offer our Service for free to promote the essential work being done across Ireland by conscious/environmental groups and organisations (charities, NGO'S, not-for-profits) who do so much in an earnest fight to create a better world for us all.’ Said founder Lorna Ann Tierney.

‘The Earthy Marketplace, which is the FIRST of its kind All-Ireland Resource Hub for Conscious Consumerism, is an ever-expanding conscious community with a drive to provide the Irish public with sustainable and ethical alternatives that push back against the culture of overconsumption and pack a positive purchasing punch instead!’


The Earthy Marketplace has three main focuses for their hub:

  1. Shop Sustainable - A broad range of sustainable businesses, including but not limited to companies in areas such as Refill Zero Waste, Fashion, Children's toys, Accessories, Beauty, Art, Crafting, Household items, Furniture, etc.


  1. Farm Finder - Independent Growers selling seasonal, plant based organic produce.


  1. Earthy Eats- Food places catering 100% vegan or offering vegan options as part of their regular menu.


The Earthy Marketplace has ambitions to be a resource hub with a drive to connect our national community while also giving back to nature directly.

Their goals are to help tackle the biodiversity and climate crises by thinking differently and collectively.

In collaboration with the tree-planting initiative Reforest Nation, they give back to the Irish environment directly by planting native Irish trees every month. They recently passed 300 native Irish trees planted,

To learn more here, follow this link- We Plant Trees! (theearthymarketplace.com)



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