Don’t Look Up review: satire or sci-fi?

Have you seen the recent Leonardo DiCaprio movie Don’t Look Up?
Although critics and audiences have had mixed reviews, it’s a movie with a powerful message. If you haven't seen it yet, I'll try to save the spoilers but suffice it to say Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Laurence discover a doomsday asteroid that will collide with earth in 6 months. Unfortunately, the president ignores them, and they spend the rest of the movie trying to convince everyone that this is a severe threat.


The movie operates on many levels; as a satire of the entertainment/news/political system in America and the western world, and as an allegory for climate change. Climate scientists are certain about anthropogenic climate change. Unfortunately, our elected politicians and business leaders are not taking urgent action to avoid climate disaster.


Leo The Hero?

Leonardo DiCaprio is well known for his environmentalism and has made some great documentary movies around our climate emergency, including:
- Before the flood
- Ice on fire
- The 11th hour

Did you know he is also an investor in a lab-grown meat company, Mosa Meat? You can read more about it here.


Eat Plant-Based

In parallel to our climate crisis, we also have an environmental crisis. This includes desertification, lack of freshwater, deforestation, plastic pollution and antibiotic resistance.

- 50% of ocean plastic is from fishing nets

- Livestock use up 80% of global agricultural land

- Growing crops to feed livestock takes up a further 33% of cropland

- Up to 33% of all freshwater is used in animal agriculture

- 66% of all antibiotics are given to livestock

- Over 50% of all deforestation in South America is for cattle production


Research has shown that switching to a plant-based diet is one of the most effective ways to help reduce your environmental impact. If you want to help prevent the worst excesses of our environmental crisis, improve your health, and help other humans switching to a plant-based diet is an obvious choice. Much like in Don’t Look Up, the evidence before us is clear; the only question is, which side of history do you want to be on?

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