Easy-Peasy Veganuary Guide To Success

Are you doing Veganuary this year? Check out this easy-peasy guide to help you succeed, and LOVE all your new foods.


1. Make a plan

I know, I know. This seems obvious, but honestly, planning is the key to success.
- Do your research (starting with reading this article)
- Know what you're going to eat every day (for at least the first week); and
- Buy what you need in advance.


2. Check the labels

If this is your first time doing Veganuary, you're about to become a food label pro! Watch out for hidden milk powder in everything. Milk, seafood and eggs are allergens, so they will be listed in bold on any products they're in. Still, meat and animal products (like gelatine) are not – so be careful when purchasing.


3. Replace foods you’re used to eating with like-for-like plant-based products.

If you're planning on going straight from the standard western diet to a full-on plant-based whole food, you may want to rethink your strategy.
Although eating healthy is the long-term goal, it may be hard to start out with. Start by looking for plant-based versions of your favourite foods. Vegan burgers and sausages are readily available in Tesco these days. SuperValu often carries a range of decent quality plant-based products, and even Lidl and Aldi now have non-dairy cheese in many stores.


4. Veganise your favourite foods

With just a little googling, you'll find plenty of plant-based swaps for animal products. It's surprisingly easy to veganise family favourites like lasagne, bolognese and curry.


5. Follow plant-based food accounts for easy plant-based recipes

There are SO MANY great plant-based recipe accounts out there these days.
- @fitgreenmind has taken the plant-based world by storm recently with her vegan versions of many popular dishes from around the world.
- @thehappypear regularly share their healthy, delicious and simple dishes.
- If you’re not already, make sure you’re following @plantbasedire for our super tasty dishes from @food_by_roxie


6. Go easy on fibre rich food.

Remember when I said don’t go straight from a standard western diet to full-on whole food plant- based? This is why.

A fully plant-based diet is HIGH in fibre. Don't worry; this is a good thing for your health. But your body does take time to adjust. So, unless you want to spend your Veganuary feeling bloated, ease yourself into high fibre foods.


7. Download Dr Gregers daily dozen app

Suppose you want an effortless way to ensure you're getting a proper balance of nutrients. In that case, I highly recommend checking out this app. It will help you get started and know what to eat.


8. Connect online

The plant-based community is multiplying! Like you, there are millions of other people out there doing Veganuary. Connect online with others, and you'll make your own journey so much easier. Facebook groups are a terrific way to share and connect with others like you.


9. Accept that you'll make mistakes.

You are allowed to make mistakes. You're allowed to slip up. All or nothing thinking is a poor way to create long term habits. Accept that some days you will eat like an Instagram influencer, and some days you'll eat like Homer Simpson. Try to stay focussed on the long-term goals, improving your health/the environment/animal rights by eating a lot more plant-based food.


10. Signup for our nutrition course

If you REALLY want to succeed, I recommend signing up for our nutrition course; Plant-Based Basics.

It will teach you everything you need to know about plant-based eating. You’ll also get access to our 30-day diet and recipe plan that’ll give you everything you need to succeed. You can learn more here.

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