ONA Plant Based Vegan Restaurant

French Plant Based Restaurant ONA Awarded Michelin Star

ONA Becomes The First Plant-Based Restaurant In France To Recieve The Prestigious Award


Plant-Based Restaurant ONA, which stands for Origine Non-Animale (or Animal-Free Origin), was awarded a Michelin Star on the 18th of January, making it the first restaurant of its kind in France to be honored with the prestigious award. The Michelin organisation has previously awarded Stars to vegetarian & plant-based restaurants in China, Japan, Italy, Austria, and The United States Of America.


The restaurant was also awarded Michelin's Green Clover symbol, which was launched in 2019 to recognize establishments that are protecting bio-diversity by practicing what Michelin has dubbed "Sustainable Gastronomy". Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of MICHELIN Guides, highlighted the importance of sustainability in the world of fine-dining.


“Faced with constantly evolving challenges including production methods, sourcing and waste management, chefs are striving to improve their practices. Often, these initiatives combine the best of the knowledge of our predecessors with the creativity and innovation of chefs who are never short of ideas. The ambition of our approach is to amplify the scope of the good and ingenious practices of chefs by putting them in the spotlight. The ideas, methods, and know-how developed by these chefs will thus help raise awareness of an entire sector to its customers and the general population.”


Doing The Impossible & Crowdfunding


ONA's founder and head chef, Claire Vallée, 41, left her previous employment as an Archeologist to start the restaurant in 2016. She raised the finances via a crowdfunding campaign and an ethically focused financial institution.


In an emotional Instagram post, Vallée thanked her supporters for motivating her to do the impossible. "It is because you believed in me, in this crazy bet beyond my doubts, my anxieties, my fears, but also thanks to our common work throughout these last four years that today we obtained our first star in the Michelin guide," she told her supporters.


"We will continue on this path because this star is mine, it is yours, it is that of the impossible, it is the one that definitively brings plant-based gastronomy into the closed circle of French and global gastronomy."


ONA is currently closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Located near Bordeaux in the town of Arès, you can visit their website here.


it is the one that definitively brings plant-based gastronomy into the closed circle of French and global gastronomy

Posted by Claire Vallée, ONA Head Chef

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