IKEA Adds Further Plant Based Products To Menu

The Swedish Furniture Giant Has Added More Plant-Based Options To Further Expand Its Vegan Menu Offerings For Veganuary And Beyond

IKEA is widening its plant-based and vegan options for customers who visit their in-store cafeterias, a spokesperson for the company has said. Ellie Pniok, Commercial Food Leader for IKEA UK & Ireland, told Vegnews that the company is moving towards sustainability in its furnitutre operations, and is echoing these changes in its food service.  “We want to inspire change and enable the many to make more sustainable choices every day,” Pniok said. “Veganuary is a wonderful opportunity for us to do so, highlighting both the environmental impact of making meat-free switches and the easy and affordable changes you can make to do so.”


Last year, Ikea launched a plant-based version of its famous meatballs, which are made from pea protein, potatoes, oats, onion, and apple. It recently added a plant based hotdog, which has seven times less Co2 emissions/kg than its standard version. Pniok added, “Plant-based foods need less resources, less water, and less land to feed just as many. By cutting out meat and dairy products from your diet, you could reduce the carbon footprint from your food by up to 73 percent. Changing eating habits can be daunting, so taking a gradual approach by committing to one vegan day a week can make this change much easier, being kinder to both yourself and the planet.”


Big Brands Get Behind Veganuary

IKEA is not the only global brand to support the growing Veganuary movement, which announced a record number of participants this year at 500,000. Ketchup & Baked Beans supplier Heinz launched 3 new vegan products this month, with an egg & dairy-free salad cream and both chilli and garlic aioli vegan mayo add to their range. Burger King has also launched a Veganuary Bean Burger, although customers may be wary after their original "Rebel Whopper" Plant-Based Burger was deemed "unsuitable for vegans" in 2020.


Finally, Sandwich makers Subway has launched a TLC (Tastes Like Chicken) offering to add to its Meatless Marinara and Vegan Sandwich Patty. Subway’s Head of Marketing UK & Ireland Angelina Gosal told Vegan Food and Living: “Our new plant-based T.L.C. Sub will delight both our vegan and non-vegan fans – we’ve created a product that tastes so much like our flavor-full chicken breast strips, guests will be surprised it’s not the real thing. With our new additions, we now have one of the biggest and tastiest plant-based menus on the high street, to offer you even more choice.”

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