Ireland’s First Walk-In Plant-Based Bakery Bear Lemon

Just three weeks ago, Ireland saw the opening of its first-ever walk-in vegan bakery, Bear Lemon. Located in Drumcondra, the bakery offers customers delicious vegan and plant-based baked goods. Another plant-based first for Ireland, the bakery sells "Bear Oats", an in-house made oat-based Ice cream brand. The Ice cream can be bought on its own or as a base for the brand's range of milkshake-style shakes.


Their delicious offerings include Oreo Stuffed Cookies, Oat Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Banana & Peanut Butter Muffins to name just a few. If you are looking for festive offerings, Bear Lemon also stock Ginger Bread men, which are gluten-free and available in store.

Natural Ingredients & Seasonal Produce

Bear Lemon's natural philosophy is rooted in its founder's past experience. Ciara Lennon, who's original background is in fashion design, followed home cooking and baking as a passion, which has now blossomed into a full-time business.


Speaking on the bakery's official website, Ciara states that "Creating great tasting dishes and creating great looking dishes was always the same thing for me. One didn’t happen without the other. Sourcing the best ingredients was so important for the success of my business. From day one I wanted a strong message to come through my brand. So after a lot of head scratching and doodling the core message for my business finally clicked."

"It was while down in Ballymaloe House eating some of the best food this little island has to offer the phrase ‘it's all about the ingredients’ came to life. It really is the backbones of Bear Lemon sourcing natural ingredients and using seasonal produce."


Bear Lemon is Located In Drumcondra and is open Wednesday - Friday from 9 pm - 4 pm and Saturday & Sunday from 9.30 pm to 4 pm


The backbones of Bear Lemon [is] sourcing natural ingredients and using seasonal produce

Posted by Ciara, Founder of Bear Lemon

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