Irish Start-Up Vada Pow Makes Plant Based Indian Street Food

Vada Pow, an Irish Plant-Based Start-up, offers Bombay Style Street Food to Irish Consumers

Vada Pow (a name derived from the Indian word for "burger" and "bun") is an Irish plant-based start-up selling both chilled and frozen ready meals Their products are available nationwide in Lidl, and include sweet potato burgers, spicy potato cakes, Mumbai veggie samosas and more.

Founded by Naveen Bachani, his products are highly health-focused from the ingredients up, "Our Products are Made from whole-food nutrient-rich plant-based ingredients, and are naturally free from animal ingredients. This means it can be enjoyed by almost anyone." Originally born in Bhopal, India, Naveen studied in Ireland before setting up his business in 2016.

Vada Pow founder Naveen Bachani opens up about starting his own business -  RSVP Live

Far From stereotyped’ Indian Curry Products

Vada Pow wants to educate the Irish consumer on street food, which is so much more than curry. All ingredients are sourced in Ireland and the products are produced here. “We are the only company in Ireland producing Indian street food and my niche products are very different to ‘stereotyped’ Indian curry products. Indian street food is gaining in popularity because it caters to people’s curiosity and allows them to explore new foods. All our products are produced in Ireland and our ingredients are all sourced from Irish suppliers.”

Naveen was quoted in February as saying, "“The fact that our products have gone down very well with Irish consumers is reflected in the number of awards we’ve won including the Best Food and Drink Start-up of the Year 2019 and a silver award at Free From Foods Ireland 2019. We were also successful in the Lidl Kickstart programme which means they will promote three of our products in February and into March and we also have two new frozen products coming for 2020, Croquette Tikka Masala and Mumbai Potato Pie.

“Not all Irish food companies source their ingredients or have their production here so I’m very pleased to have achieved both. It costs more but despite this we have been able to get a good balance between price to the consumer and quality of the product.”


We are the only company in Ireland producing Indian street food and my niche products are very different from ‘stereotyped’ Indian curry products

Posted by Naveen Bachani, Founder of Vada Pow

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