New Irish Start-Up Locates Plant Based Products Near You

Vegan Check Aims To Take The Hassle Out Of Finding Plant Based Products

A Dundalk based start-up has launched its smartphone app to "save people's valuable time when looking for suitable products." Vegan Check was launched in March 2020 and helps Irish users find plant based food options, as well as cosmetics, clothing, and other product categories.

The App also features a social element, which encourages users to post pictures, leave reviews and rate their experiences at various locations and outlets. While figures are not available on the number of plant based eaters in Ireland (Bord Bia Estimated 2% in 2018) the sale of plant based products is only rising in Ireland amongst casual or part-time plant based eaters, those simply looking to reduce their intake of animal products.

Helping The Irish Plant Based Consumer

Vegan Check Founder Wagner Rosati has an ethical vision for the app "I want the app to be a helpful tool for people and to encourage the use of plant-based materials instead of animal by-products. Through the app, I want to be able to support sanctuaries that care about the animals."

While currently in its Beta or testing phase, Wagner has plans to roll out a Tripadvisor style gaming element, where users move up levels and are awarded points for each interaction and post that they share.


I Want The App To Be A Helpful Tool For People And To Encourage The Use Of Plant-Based Materials

Posted by Wagner Rosati, Founder of Vegan Check

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