New Study Shows How Much Ditching Meat Can Impact the Environment

Irish meatless meat company Thanks Plants has launched a report outlining the direct impact people can have on the environment by switching to a plant-based diet. The Green Report, compiled by Toward Zero Carbon, shows how replacing animal products in your diet can reduce your carbon footprint. Animal agriculture is Ireland's most significant greenhouse gas emitter, with 24% of all emissions coming from this sector.


Ireland is the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter per capita in Europe. Animals in Ireland emit more greenhouse gases (through their digestive system and manure) than all transport combined.


“People are overwhelmed by all the information out there about the damage being caused to the environment, but they don't know what they can do. We commissioned this report in order to show the direct impact you can have by switching to a plant-based diet, even for just one day a week. The foods that we eat have a massive impact on our environmental footprint. Making these small personal changes can have a big impact," says Aisling Cullen, founder of Thanks Plants.


Animals vs. Plants

The 'Green Report' report carried out by independent environmental analysts, Toward Zero Carbon, outlines the precise impact of animal products versus plant-based products on the environment. The production of animal products places vast demand on water supplies.


  • The average annual meat consumption of four adults in Ireland requires as much water as over 35,000 loads of washing.


  • The production of pork-based products requires 3.5 times more water than plant-based products.


  • Swapping pork sausages for plant-based ones saves enough water for two weeks of daily showers.


  • Switching a 200g serving of beef for a plant-based roast saves enough water for over 11,000 cups of tea.



So, What Can YOU Do?

One of the problems we're facing is that many people feel that 'I'm just one person, what can I do?'. This leads to many people not taking any action at all. At a time when we need real leadership, our so-called leaders are doing nothing. It's easy to see why many people feel that they have no personal power when the people in power aren't doing anything. If you’re motivated to help others take action, sharing this report is a great way to start. It breaks down our problem and shows how switching to plant-based eating offers a real solution. If we want to prevent the worst excesses of climate change, we need to take action now. To do that, we need to help people become less apathetic.


You can view the full report on www.thanksplants.co What do you think? Is plant-based eating a solution to our climate crisis? Tell us in the comments section down below.

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