Nibbed Cacao: High Quality, Hand-Made Plant Based Chocolate

A brand new Irish Cacao Start-up, Nibbed Cacao, is bringing ethical, high quality, delicious cacao products to Irish consumers with their range of Teas, Chocolate Bark, Nibbles and more available from their website & stores nationwide. We sat down with Co-founder Anna O'Sullivan to find out what inspired Nibbed and why we need to know more about Cacao.



It was the Pandemic of 2020, not too long ago, when Ireland went into a lockdown and Lisa Kleiner went into a chocolate making frenzy. A qualified chef by trade, with a Degree in Nutrition and a Masters Degree (MSc) in Sport and Exercise Nutrition under, she has always been a bit of a mad scientist in the kitchen “laboratory” delving deep into flavours and textures that sing.

Early into the idea phase Lisa’s niece, Anna O’Sullivan, got wind of what Lisa was up to and got herself involved. She too had a love for cacao that was growing, and she wanted a piece of the pie. With her background in design and wellness marketing, the two made a great complimentary team. Lisa in the kitchen and Anna on the screen.

Their fascinating research into the world of cacao and chocolate making led them down a very insightful path. The more they discovered about this magical bean the more they learned about its amazing health benefits. This coupled with its insanely good taste inspired them to take a leap to become a Bean to Bar, Small Batch Cacao Producer.

Lisa has been living in Delgany for 16 years, so it was a no-brainer to set up a state of the art production facility in Kilcoole, Wicklow dedicated solely to Nibbed and its high quality ingredients.

Nibbed Cacao has a simple mission: To produce the highest quality, organic, natural products that are exquisitely delicious and ethically sourced. Their beans come from small farms that are fairly traded and sustainable. One little bean can bring both flavour and nutritional goodness.

When it comes to Nibbed's nuts and seeds, each is activated and dehydrated to unlock amazing flavour and crunch. This also helps to make their nutrient content bio-available, meaning they’re easier to digest.




Theobromine is the primary alkaloid found in cacao. Theobromine means the Food of the Gods in Ancient Greek. Theos = God and Brosis = feast/ feeding. Theobromine brings blood to the brain, and it is a natural stimulant that perks up the whole system without the jittery effects of coffee. Theobromine is also good for the heart as it can help to lower blood pressure.

As the husk is part of the same package as the bean they have a similar nutritional profile. High levels of Vitamin E, K1, Thiamine and Niacin help with your general wellbeing. Cacao is one of the foods high in Tryptophan, an essential amino acid that the body uses to produce melatonin and serotonin. Melatonin helps regulate the sleep – wake cycle, while serotonin is responsible for our mood and appetite.

The main difference between the husk and the nib is the fat content. It is important to remember that these are naturally occuring "good fats", not heavily processed, harmful fats.


Nibbed snapshot

  • Organic cacao beans, sustainably sourced, fair-traded
  • All organic ingredients - we activate the nuts and seeds, and make our own organic orange powder
  • Packaging is compostable or recyclable
  • Cacao has many health benefits such as energising, mood-enhancing and heart-opening



Nibbed Products

  • 100% cacao blocks
  • Cacao teas: Orange & Cardamom / Cacao & Coconut
  • Dark Chocolate Barks: Orange & Activated Walnuts / Salted Nibs & Activated Hazelnuts
  • Cacao Nibbles: Orange & Activated Pumpkin Seeds
  • Dark Chocolate Spoons: 75% / Orange Cacao



Nibbed Products can be purchased from selected outlets nationwide, or from https://www.nibbedcacao.com/

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