Thanks Plants Launch Irish Plant Based Sausages

The Irish Alternative Meat Start Up Is Available in Supervalu Stores From Today

The brand sells three flavours of plant based sausages: Sundried Tomato & Herb, Apple & Sage, and Frankfurter.

Thanks Plants was developed in the SuperValu Food Academy, which supports and develops small food producers with the end goal of stocking products on SuperValu shelves across the country. To date, there are over 300 small producers who are stocked on the Supermarkets shelves, with many plant-based brands getting their start there, including the Happy Pear.

From Restaurant Owner To Food Manufacturer

Founder Aisling Cullen is no stranger to the food industry, having previously operated a coffee house & restaurant before shifting to manufacturing. "I set up Thanks Plants in 2019 but really I have been passionate about the food industry all my life. Throughout my career in fashion and in retail property, food trends and concepts have always captured my eye. I opened a coffee house and restaurant when I was living in Malaysia in 2015 and I really enjoyed coming up with menu ideas and daily specials."

"When I moved back to Ireland in 2017, I was excited to continue my food journey here and decided to go down the retail manufacturing route rather than opening a restaurant. I am currently producing in Hour Kitchen in Churchtown which is a really supportive environment for new food producers."

Thanks Plants launch could not have been better timed, as within the past 24 hours the EU has urged member states to adopt a more plant-based diet, and has pledged 10 billion to the development of meat alternatives over the next 10 years.


I set up Thanks Plants in 2019 but really I have been passionate about the food industry all my life

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