The Best Towns And Cities For Vegans In Ireland

As plant based diets grow in popularity, finding a place to go out and eat has become easier and easier. In fact, Google searches for 'vegan restaurants near me' have increased by 200% over the last year.

Now new research from Alliance Online Ireland shows which towns and cities have the best vegan offerings.

They looked at:

- Number of vegan restaurants in each location

- Number of vegan restaurants per person

- Top-rated vegan restaurants

- Most affordable vegan restaurants


The Number Of Vegan Restaurants In Each City

When it comes to the number of vegan restaurants, Dublin easily tops the leader board, with 157 vegan-friendly restaurants, and 10 fully vegan restaurants, according to Happy Cow data. Galway was a distant second, with a total of 40 vegan-friendly restaurants and two fully vegan restaurants, followed closely by Cork, with 36 and one respectively.


The Number Of Vegan Restaurants Per Person

While Dublin has the most vegan restaurants compared to other towns and cities, it doesn't have the most vegan eateries per person. It came middle of the leader board in the number of vegan-friendly restaurants per person. It was second to last place for the number of fully vegan restaurants category.

Galway has the most vegan-friendly restaurants by population, with a total of 1,998 people for every restaurant.

In the fully vegan restaurant category, Dundalk came first out of the four that competed, with 39,004 people to every vegan restaurant. This is a shocking result, as it was near the bottom of the list in the vegan-friendly restaurants per person category.


The Number Of Top-Rated Vegan Restaurants

Having various options is great, but quality is just as important as quantity. Dublin topped the leader board again in this category, with the highest number of vegan-friendly and fully vegan restaurants, which scored four stars and above on Happy Cow.

Dublin also had the top-rated fully vegan restaurants by far, with an impressive nine out of the ten total fully vegan restaurants scoring four stars and above. The second highest in this category was Galway with two, followed by Dundalk and Cork with just one each.


The Cheapest Place For Vegans In Ireland

If value for money is one of your top priorities when eating out, a trip to Cork may be in order. Cork tops the list with the lowest average price rating for fully vegan restaurants when it comes to cost. The city also came joint top with Limerick in the lowest average price rating for the vegan-friendly restaurants' category. It's no secret that Dublin has a reputation amongst tourists for being pricey. But, the city came second place in both categories, showing you can easily dine out on a budget if you follow a vegan diet.


The Overall Winner

While a number of the towns and cities researched came top of some of the categories, there was one stand out winner: Dublin. The capital doesn't just have the most vegan-friendly and fully vegan restaurants, but the researchers found it to be good value for money too. Plus, it has the highest number of top-rated vegan eateries. So you know that you'll have plenty of choices when it comes to finding quality dining options in Dublin.

To read the full report, check out Alliance Online Ireland.