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This site was created by Plant Based Ireland to provide a comprehensive resource of information on the numerous health benefits of a plant-based diet. You may already be plant-based, or are interested in transitioning to this way of eating. Wherever you fit in on the spectrum, our blog and resource guide will provide you with a wealth of information from credible scientific and organisational sources, such as The World Health Organisation, and academic institutions including Harvard and Oxford Universities.


The dietary landscape can be tough to navigate, with conflicting information and a seemingly endless list of diets all claiming to be the healthiest and/or best for human consumption. In fact, there are only 3 diets which are repeatedly repackaged and sold as new: High protein, high fat, and high carbohydrate, each with the severe reduction or elimination of another macro-nutrient, usually carbohydrates.; but that will be saved for its own post. Of these 3, a plant-based diet (which by its very nature is a high carbohydrate diet, low fat) is the optimal human diet. It is the diet we evolved to eat, and while humans did consume animal products out of necessity in our species history, modern-day agriculture renders this unnecessary.

What Plant Based Ireland is Not

Plant Based Ireland is not a wellness or well-being website. The “wellness” movement has gained traction in recent years and has been criticised for becoming a wellness industry. Unfortunately, the term wellness is wholesome and non-specific, and therefore leaves a large amount of wiggle room for enterprises to sell an unending amount of products and concepts loosely based on questionable science under the “wellness” banner. Perhaps even more unfortunate is that genuine, scientifically proven strategies to improve health, such as a plant-based diet, get lost in this debate. A plant-based diet is not generic or non-specific, but rather well defined & straightforward; it is a diet based on plants. We will regularly remind you that diet is one element in the overall spectrum of health.


We Want to Hear from You

If you have a topic you would like to see here, contact us. Perhaps you have come across a plant-based claim elsewhere and wonder if there is any credibility to it. Maybe you have questions about transitioning or specific nutrients. Whatever the case, address your concerns and share the information with the community. It is highly likely that the questions you have are common to other readers, so do not feel that any concern is too basic or elementary.

Magical Mushrooms Provide Plant-Powered Vitamin D

Why do mushrooms always get invited to parties? Because they’re fun-guys. Mushrooms are AMAZING! They’re not quite animals and not quite plants. With over 12 billion species, they’re a magical kingdom of nutrient recyclers that make up a vital ...

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Buddha Bowls are the bomb, right? Versatile, satisfying, and photogenic – they’re a staple of plant-based diets. But, have you ever wondered, why a Buddha bowl is called a Buddha bowl?Well, after a little Googling all I could find was a vague def...

Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores Digestion

Do you think humans are carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores? While many people are still debating this, our digestive system tells a story of its own.   The Basics Herbivores are animals that eat a plant-based diet. These include Silverback Gor...

A Guide to Milk Alternatives

A Guide to Milk Alternatives Introduction We now live in a world full of alternative food and drink options created to cater for all kinds of diets and lifestyles. These days it’s common to find a range of dairy alternatives in a dedicated aisle at...

A Guide to CBD Oil for Plant Based Eaters & Vegans in Ireland

This article will guide any person following a plant based or vegan diet through the CBD market place. We will look at the ingredients of CBD oils and other CBD products so that you can be sure no animal derivatives are present in the CBD option you ...

One Quarter Of Meat Substitutes Have Insufficient Protein – Safefood

A SafeFood Ireland report on vegetarian meat substitutes found that 28% or just over one-quarter of the 354 meat substitute products tested did not contain either high amounts of protein or could be considered an alternative source of protein. As a r...

Using the Resource Guide

The resource guide is a result of many years of information gathering which has gradually been distilled down to the documentaries, books, and links you will find contained within it.

Plant-Based Vs. Vegan: What Is The difference?

This could have been a very short post: veganism is an ideology with wider implications on morality, ethics, and values, and their impact on consumption habits.

Plant-Based Vs Omnivore

Plant Based Diets Vs Omnivore Diets: Introduction This is the first of a 3-post series on plant-based “diets” and the diet industry. The remaining two will be online in the next 7 days and should give you a greater understanding of the diet, he...

Why People and Industry Reject a Plant-Based Diet

A plant-based diet and its associated philosophy directly oppose many areas of mainstream opinion, which is why its growing popularity is being met with such resistance.